Our Guests Say It All

Celebrating Over 10 years in Business

"The rooms are beautiful and reflect the charm of a place that's truly special."                                                                    

-   J.J., Maryland

"This was our first experience with a B&B.   It was just like being at home, only we didn't have to do any of the work...We loved every minute of it!"

- G. &T., Cumberland, PA

"A good night's sleep watched over by General Jackson, a lovely breakfast, and an absolutely delightful breakfast conversation with our fellow guests.  John Brown could never have foreseen the happy meetings which would ensue here as a result of his own unfortunate visit."  

- B. & C., Atlanta, GA

"Definitely worth the 65-mile bike ride trip to get here...Thanks for the welcome, hot shower, and cold beer."

-   E. & L., Seattle, WA

"General Jackson would surely approve."  

-   S.Z., Youngstown, OH

"An ideal setting, wonderful hospitality and a breakfast Martha Stewart would be proud of!"                                                     

-   D. & M., Maryland

"Your place is exactly the kind of place we'd hoped to find - wooden floors, high bed, great breakfast and gentle hospitality."

-   G. & D., Tel-mond, Israel

"This is like another world - we can't believe this Southern atmosphere exists only half day away from us."

-   C. & D., Allentown, PA

"A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but the Jackson Rose is one of a kind."                                                           

-   J. & J.

"Biscuits better than my Grandma's -"

-   T.J., Long Island

"A lovely stay - the perfect blend of B&B intimacy with the privacy I needed."                                                           

-   C.P., New York City

"What a relaxing stay.  It was like time stood still."

- K.T., Virginia

  "What a magical place!  I love everything about this house, down to the doorknobs."                                                           

-   A. & T. M.

"I loved staying in your wonderful B&B.   The comfy bed reminded me of going to Grandma's as a little girl, clambering up high to sleep."

- C.T., London

  "I haven't had peach jam so tasty since my mother made me stir the kettle for hours!"                                                           

-   C., B. & L.

"This is a home with deep roots and solid bones, and what more can you ask for in this fast-paced world we now live in?  I will miss looking out on the old Linden tree.  It quickly became a good friend."

- B.O'C., New Zealand

  "What better way to unwind after a challenging and rather hectic work day than to catch the evening breeze from the front porch swing while sipping a cool glass of wine!  Thanks for the respite from the wear of business travel."                                                           

-   M.L., Washington, DC

"A very pleasant and peaceful spot to contemplate from a perspective of seven-score years that all wars end and nature heals the scars of human strife."

- P.E., New York


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