Our Guest Rooms

The Jackson Rose Room


 The Jackson Rose Room is said to have been the room that General "Stonewall" Jackson himself acquired when he made his headquarters in this house.  The room is a favorite among guests, who admire its cheerful colors and sunny disposition as much as its history.   Situated at the front of the house, the room overlooks the perennial rose garden and spacious lawn.  The four-poster bed, private bath and sitting area will surely make your stay a comfortable one. 

The Linden Room


The Linden Room is named for the massive old weeping Linden tree in the backyard, which the room overlooks.  In late June the tree's blossoms perfume the entire yard with a sweet and heady fragrance.  In winter the old Linden loses its leaves allowing guests a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge mountains.  The Linden Room's sturdy sleigh-bed makes for a restful sleep.  The private bath offers sunny views of the herb garden and back stone patio. 

The Garret Room


 The Garret Room reminds guests of nights spent at Grandmother's house.  Unwind in this cozy third floor room with antique sleigh-bed, private bath, sitting area and dormer windows, offering three different views.  Guests enjoy the comforting sound of rain on the tin roof during stormy weather.  The only room on the third floor, the climb to the top of the stairs rewards guests with privacy and quiet. 

The Hitchcock Room


 The Hitchcock Room, adjacent to the Garret Room on the third floor, is a small cozy room with two single beds and lovely black Hitchcock-style decorated furniture.  It is used only in conjunction with the Garret Room, sharing a bathroom.   Together, the Garret and Hitchcock Rooms comprise the Garret Suite, which may sleep up to four persons.